Mobile Academic of the Year


The Mobile Marketing Association seeks nominations for its Academic of the Year Award; Deadline 15 Sep 2008

MOBILE MARKETING ASSOCIATION ACADEMIC OF THE YEAR AWARD $2000 & $500 grants The Mobile Marketing Association Academic of the Year Award is presented to the leading individual researcher or research team that has provided unique and significant conceptual, qualitative, or quantitative research contributions to the mobile industry’s understanding of mobile marketing theory and practices. The Candidate(s)… MUST: • Be a full- or part-time student(s), professor(s), and/or researcher(s) at an accredited academic institution. • Have a demonstrable accumulated body of original research in the mobile marketing space. • Submit a research proposal or completed study as appropriate per the nature of the work, along with the nomination form. DOES NOT • Have to be a member of the Mobile Marketing Association to be nominated. Leadership Did the candidate(s)…Generate a dialogue of importance for the Mobile Marketing industry that benefited the organization and/or the industry? • Develop new directions, or push the industry forward, with respect to core practices or key issues facing the mobile marketing industry? • Effectively advocate the goals of the organization to government, the public or others in the industry? • Build value for the industry among consumers and those companies in the mobile marketing ecosystem? • Solve problems, technical or process-related, central to the practice or well-being of the industry? • Execute industry change, this year that the industry esteems as a defining accomplishment? Character Did the candidate(s)… • Offer more of their time than reasonably expected in pursuit of a greater cause for the industry? • Garner a reputation of leadership amongst their peers? Achieve the respect and admiration of friends and competitors, as the ‘go to’ person for the industry? • Challenge the mobile marketing industry to greater achievement? • Transcend politics and offer unbiased leadership in the tasks that were achieved? Contribution Did the candidate(s)… • Achieve concrete results? Are these results acknowledged by the industry? Provide samples. Additional Guidance • Candidates who accomplish a significant amount, but gain little recognition from their peers or the industry, will not be considered for this award. • Leadership must be accompanied by concrete examples of results – both from the candidate, peers and the industry. Reference letters are encouraged from company, competitors and industry. Judging Criteria: Academic of the Year Leadership (40%) Character (30%) Contribution (30%) Award • Trophy and Plaque • Opportunity to present a brief summary of research at MMA Annual Members’ Event (geography to be determined) • MMA will publish research paper • Mobile Marketing Research Grant: $2,000 to winner, $500 to runner-up. Research grant(s) sponsored by M:Metrics and Zoomerang. Nominations are open to the public and are to be submitted by email or fax prior to the nomination deadline. Winners will be selected by the MMA’s Award Selection Committee and presented at the MMA Awards Dinner on November 13, 2008 at San Diego. Details on how to submit nominations can be found at
International Journal of Mobile Marketing – Dec. 2008 issue CALL FOR PAPERS – Submission Deadline: Sept. 15, 2008 The IJMM is the only global journal dedicated to innovative and relevant academic and industry research in the mobile marketing channel. Published by the Mobile Marketing Association, the IJMM is an award-winning semi-annual, peer-reviewed journal. Each issue contains 10 or more academic and industry articles. Research Agenda–Sample Topics to Consider The use of the mobile channel for marketing, i.e. mobile marketing, is a growing worldwide phenomenon. Accordingly, the field of mobile marketing research has drawn the attention of academics, students, and industry professionals. In order to help guide and influence academic studies and commercial use of mobile marketing, papers should provide insight into the theoretical basis and resultant practical applications of mobile marketing. Authors may consider, but are not limited to, the following mobile marketing topics: • Advertiser and agency perspectives: challenges facing creative, media and strategy development • Analysis and comparison of delivery methods – SMS, MMS, Web, WAP, IR, IM, mobile email, mobile portals, social media – versus traditional media channels • Applications of interactivity and multimedia within mobile marketing initiatives • Bluetooth marketing: methods and effectiveness • Comparison of mobile and traditional marketing strategies and tactics • Customer care: Multi-modal effects of mobile marketing and the impact on customer care • Effectiveness of mobile content, such as ringtones, mobile TV, video, images, etc., within the marketing mix • Effective methods for bringing mobile marketing academic research to professionals • Location-based services • mCommerce and monetization methods and issues: advertising, premium SMS, sponsorships, credit cards, PayPal, couponing • Metrics • Mobile applications and software standards • Personalizing the mobile experience: Database personalization and user perspectives • Trends and impact of global, environmental, cultural, and political activities on mobile marketing • Use for philanthropy, politics or public relations • Search • Web and mobile Internet (WAP) Feel free to contact the journal editor at to verify the appropriateness of a topic before submitting a paper for publication. IJMM Article Submission Guidelines All relevant papers that further the understanding of mobile marketing will be considered for publication. Only complete submissions will be considered. Each submission will undergo one or more blind peer reviews. Any paper that fails to meet the required revisions after two rounds of reviews will be rejected unless only minor changes are needed. Final, complete, manuscript submissions may be submitted at any time but must be received by the MMA no later than the submission deadline above. Submitted articles should be emailed to the MMA IJMM Journal Editor at Authors may contact the MMA at at any time with questions, and/or to inform the MMA of their intention to contribute an article by the submission deadline. For complete submission information go to the MMA website: