Festschrift for John D. C. Little


Conference to honor John D. C. Little for contributions to the science of marketing, Ann Arbor, MI, 6-7 Jun 2009; Deadline 1 Nov

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Call for Papers
Festschrift for John D. C. Little
June 7, 2009, Ann Arbor, MI
Immediately following the ISMS Marketing Science Conference

The INFORMS Society of Marketing Science (ISMS), in collaboration with MIT and the University of Michigan, is pleased to announce a Festschrift and conference in honor of John D. C. Little for his contributions to the science of marketing.

The Festschrift-based conference will take place in Ann Arbor immediately following the ISMS Marketing Science Conference. We plan a one-day celebration beginning with a banquet the evening of Saturday, June 6. On Sunday, June 7, according to John’s wishes, we are inviting authors to present publishable-quality papers on topics areas in which he has published, including decision support systems, choice models, advertising models, media models, marketing-mix models, OR-type algorithms, adaptive control and related issues. John also suggests a category of papers that "he wishes he had written." He wants the papers to be new research, not a retrospective review of his contributions.

We plan to publish the papers in a Festschrift volume dedicated to John. Publication in this Festschrift will not preempt publication in Marketing Science, Management Science, or Journal of Marketing Research should authors wish to submit to those journals. The editors have agreed.

There will be three sessions of three papers each. Some will be invited, but most will be selected by an advisory board based on abstracts. Please send an abstract of 1-2 pages to either John Hauser (JHauser@mit.edu) or Glen Urban (glurban@mit.edu). (We prefer *.pdf format.) Authors must commit to present at the Festschrift-based conference, have a working paper completed by May 1, 2009, and allow their papers to be published in the Festschrift. (Authors will retain copyright to their works for future publication.)

Abstracts will be selected by John with help from an advisory board that consists of Makoto Abe, Eric Anderson, Eugene Anderson, Peter Fader, Fred Feinberg, John Hauser, Robert Klein, James Lattin, Gilles Laurent, France Leclerc, Gary Lilien, Leonard Lodish, Leigh McAlister, David Montgomery, Donald Morrison, John Roberts, Steven Shugan, Alvin Silk, Glen Urban, and Robert Zeithammer.

The abstract deadline is November 1, 2008.