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Journal of Macromarketing, 28(3)

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Journal of Macromarketing 

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In this Issue
Clifford J. Shultz, Terrence H. Witkowski, and William Kilbourne [Publisher]

The Search for a Dominant Logic: A Macromarketing Perspective
Roger A. Layton [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Rethinking Macro-level Theories of Consumption: Research Findings from Nazi Concentration Camps
Jill Gabrielle Klein and Ronald Paul Hill [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

An Extension and Further Validation of a Community-based Consumer Well-being Measure
M. Joseph Sirgy, Dong-Jin Lee, Stephan Grzeskowiak, Jean-Charles Chebat, J.S. Johar, Andreas Hermann, Salah Hassan, Ibrahim Hegazy, Ahmet Ekici, Dave Webb, Chenting Su, and Jordi Montana [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

A Rose by Any Other Name? The Influence of Brand Name versus Chemical Differences in the Prescription of Antidepressants: The Role of Expertise
Steven Ward, Anthony Pecotich, Aron O’Cass, and Craig C. Julian [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Frankincense, Myrrh, and Spices: The Oldest Global Supply Chain?
Bradley Z. Hull [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Hidden Mountain: The Social Avoidance of Waste
Edd de Coverly, Pierre McDonagh, Lisa O’Malley, and Maurice Patterson [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Book Review

Gregory T. Gundlach, Lauren G. Block, and William L. Wilkie, Editors. Explorations of Marketing in Society. Mason, OH: Thomson, 2007
Stanley J. Shapiro [Publisher]