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Journal of Business Venturing, 23(6)

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Journal of Business Venturing 

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Recent developments in the economics of entrepreneurship
Maria Minniti and Moren Lévesque [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Towards a theory of entrepreneurial teams
David A. Harper [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The economics of formal business networks?
Simon C. Parker [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Testing Baumol: Institutional quality and the productivity of entrepreneurship?
Russell S. Sobel [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Institutions and entrepreneurship development in Russia: A comparative perspective?
Ruta Aidis, Saul Estrin and Tomasz Mickiewicz [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Does self-employment reduce unemployment?
A. Roy Thurik, Martin A. Carree, André van Stel and David B. Audretsch [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Entrepreneurship capital and its impact on knowledge diffusion and economic performance
David B. Audretsch, Werner Bönte and Max Keilbach [Publisher] [Google Scholar]