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Advances in Market Entry Mode Theory Development, Special issue of International Journal of Trade and Global Markets, Edited by Craig Julian; Deadline 31 Jan 2009

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Advances in Market Entry Mode Theory Development

For significant advances in market entry mode theory to be achieved, a more integrated approach needs to be taken to the conceptualisation, development and measurement of the different constructs impacting the performance of the different market entry modes. A fundamental part of such an approach is the refinement and validation of measurement scales across different national settings. The validation of measurement scales plays an important role in advancing market entry mode theory by establishing reliable scales that can be used in more than one country. As such, international researchers would be encouraged to use similar measurement instruments and compare findings across different national settings, leading eventually to a more systematic development of market entry mode theory. Market entry modes for this special issue can include anything from international Joint ventures, exporting, franchising, wholly-owned subsidiaries, turnkey operations, portfolio investment, mergers and acquisitions, greenfields investments etc.

Another important issue regarding the current body of market entry mode literature is that limited attention has been given to the developing countries in the Asia Pacific Region and Eastern Europe. The performance measures used in previous studies often reflect the unique emphasis that different countries place on entry mode performance. Given the paucity of studies in the developing countries of the Asia Pacific Region and Eastern Europe this special issue’s focus is to further market entry mode knowledge in developing countries, especially in the Asia Pacific Region and Eastern Europe, through conceptual studies, empirical investigations and state of the art reviews on issues that are specifically relevant to different types of businesses and markets in developing countries. I am especially interested in original articles in the following areas:

  • Market entry mode decision-making and strategic planning in the Asia Pacific Region and Eastern Europe.
  • Implementation of market entry mode strategies in different developing country markets and industry contexts.
  • Antecedents of performance for the different market entry modes.
  • The development of market entry mode competencies and skills.
  • Market entry mode knowledge management that facilitates market learning.
  • The role of management of the different market entry modes in determining performance and/or strategic goals for firms conducting business in developing countries.
  • The relationship between the different market entry modes and other functions within the organisation.
  • The role of market entry mode decision making in the internationalisation of businesses.
  • Barriers to internationalisation and their role as antecedents of performance and goal attainment.
  • The significance of exporter-importer or distributor relationships in developing countries.
  • Partnerships and networking in developing countries.
  • The role of the Internet in market entry mode choice when conducting business in developing countries.
  • Specific market entry mode strategies for the different stages of business cycles.

The International Journal of Trade and Global Markets is a scholarly journal, committed to the advancement of theory and practice within the domain of international business. All papers that reflect high standards of research methodology will be considered. Submitted papers should follow the usual Inderscience format and guidelines and will be subject to a double-blind reviewing process. Deadline for receipt of manuscripts is January 31 2009. Papers should be submitted via e-mail to the Guest Editor, Dr. Craig Julian at the following address:

Dr. Craig Julian, Senior Lecturer in Marketing, School of Commerce and Management, Southern Cross University, P.O. Box 42, Tweed Heads, New South Wales, 2485, Australia. E-Mail: