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Journal of Experimental Psychology: Learning, Memory and Cognition, 34(4)

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J Exp Psych: Learn, Memory and Cog 

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Introduction to the Special Section on Integrative Approaches to Source Memory
Marcia K. Johnson, Mieke Verfaellie and John Dunlosky [Publisher]

The Effects of Unitization on Familiarity-Based Source Memory: Testing a Behavioral Prediction Derived From Neuroimaging Data
Rachel A. Diana, Andrew P. Yonelinas and Charan Ranganath [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Event-Related Potential (ERP) Evidence for Varied Recollection During Source Monitoring
P. Andrew Leynes and Michelle C. Phillips [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Testing a Neurocomputational Model of Recollection, Familiarity, and Source Recognition
Kane W. Elfman, Colleen M. Parks and Andrew P. Yonelinas [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Content-Specific Source Encoding in the Human Medial Temporal Lobe
T. Awipi and L. Davachi [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Neuroimaging Evidence for Agenda-Dependent Monitoring of Different Features During Short-Term Source Memory Tests
Karen J. Mitchell, Carol L. Raye, Joseph T. McGuire, Hillary Frankel, Erich J. Greene and Marcia K. Johnson [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Effects of Aging on the Neural Correlates of Successful Item and Source Memory Encoding
Nancy A. Dennis, Scott M. Hayes, Steven E. Prince, David J. Madden, Scott A. Huettel and Roberto Cabeza [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Do Young and Older Adults Rely on Different Processes in Source Memory Tasks? A Neuropsychological Study
Elizabeth L. Glisky and Lauren L. Kong [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

A Mental Practice Superiority Effect: Less Retroactive Interference and More Transfer Than Physical Practice
Erica L. Wohldmann, Alice F. Healy and Lyle E. Bourne Jr. [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Sleep Does Not Enhance Motor Sequence Learning
Timothy C. Rickard, Denise J. Cai, Cory A. Rieth, Jason Jones and M. Colin Ard [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Investigating Linguistic Relativity Through Bilingualism: The Case of Grammatical Gender
Stavroula-Thaleia Kousta, David P. Vinson and Gabriella Vigliocco [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Cognitive Control and Lexical Access in Younger and Older Bilinguals
Ellen Bialystok, Fergus Craik and Gigi Luk [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Phonological Phrase Boundaries Constrain the Online Syntactic Analysis of Spoken Sentences
Séverine Millotte, Alice René, Roger Wales and Anne Christophe [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Capacity Demands of Phoneme Selection in Word Production: New Evidence From Dual-Task Experiments
Amy E. Cook and Antje S. Meyer [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The Relationship Between Semantic Short-Term Memory and Immediate Serial Recall of Known and Unknown Words and Nonwords: Data From Two Chinese Individuals With Aphasia
Winsy Wong and Sam-Po Law [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Correcting a Metacognitive Error: Feedback Increases Retention of Low-Confidence Correct Responses
Andrew C. Butler, Jeffrey D. Karpicke and Henry L. Roediger III [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Sample Size and Correlational Inference
Richard B. Anderson, Michael E. Doherty and Jeff C. Friedrich [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Subjective Confidence in One’s Answers: The Consensuality Principle
Asher Koriat [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Grammatical and Nongrammatical Contributions to Closed-Class Word Selection
F.-Xavier Alario, Pauline Ayora, Albert Costa and Alissa Melinger [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Parallel Processing of Objects in a Naming Task
Antje S. Meyer, Marc Ouellet and Christine Häcker [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Semantic Processing of Previews Within Compound Words
Sarah J. White, Raymond Bertram and Jukka Hyönä [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Specificity of Practice: Interaction Between Concurrent Sensory Information and Terminal Feedback
Yannick Blandin, Lucette Toussaint and Charles H. Shea [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Effects of Context on Eye Movements When Reading About Possible and Impossible Events
Tessa Warren, Kerry McConnell and Keith Rayner [Publisher] [Google Scholar]