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Announcing the Journal of Digital Marketing, to be published by Serials Publications

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Journal of Digital Marketing (JDM)
Call for papers

As an editor of Journal of Digital Marketing (JDM) I would like to take this opportunity and cordially invite you to submit a manuscript to our journal.

To lay a common ground for our contributors we define digital marketing in our journal as an interconnected organizational function performing explicitly defined processes for creating, demonstrating, documenting, communicating and delivering value to customers and for managing customer relationships in ways that enhance joint value creation of customers, organizations and stakeholders.

Thus various aspects of digital marketing are welcomed. The following is list of possible topics:

  • Development, adoption and use of mobile technology in either business or consumer markets to enhance value creation (mobile advertising, mobile games, mobile services, Wlan/Wi-fi solutions, other technologies NFC, RFID, mobile CRM, SFA etc.)
  • Development, adoption and use of internet technology in either business or consumer markets to enhance value creation (virtual/digital communities e.g. Habbo Hotel, MySpace. Facebook, LinkedIn, Second life, MMORPGs, email, SEO, banner and pop up, under ads, I-EDI, Extranet, ERP2, etc.)
  • Development, adoption and use of information technology in either business or consumer markets to enhance value creation (SCM, ERP, EAI, SOAP, SAAP, intelligent agents, etc.)
  • Development, adoption and use of electronic business technology in either business or consumer markets to enhance value creation (websites, e-shops, e-malls, e-auctions, e-marketplaces, spaces, ecosystems, eb2b, eb2c, eg2g, p2p, etc.)
  • From the marketing perspective topics that can be addressed under digital marketing can be the following: advertising, branding, sales management, direct marketing, marketing communications, IMC, retailing, wholesaling and CB issues.
  • And mixture of these and other conceivable digital marketing activities

We process manuscripts continuously but I would appreciate if you could send your manuscript before September 15, 2008. You will be notified about the received manuscript, its review process and results of the review as soon as we get information. If you would like to be considered as reviewer or ad-hoc reviewer for our journal please contact editor by e-mail.

All papers will be refereed through at least a double blind process by a mixture of academics and practitioners depending on the coverage area of manuscript. Criteria for acceptance of all papers include originality and clear contribution to digital marketing. You can submit your manuscript as email attachment to me. Manuscripts should follow APA format. Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.


Jari Salo (
Professor of Information and Communication Business
Department of Marketing
Faculty of Economics and Business Administration
University of Oulu, Finland