Marketing Engineering


Webinar on the Marketing Engineering Solution, Presented by Arnaud De Bruyn, 13 Aug 2008 11:00am US East Coast (GMT -4)

Join Professor Arnaud De Bruyn (Associate Professor, Essec Business School and co-author of Principles of Marketing Engineering) as he explores the Marketing Engineering Solution and how it can assist you in introducing marketing analytics into your curriculum. 


Webinar: The Marketing Engineering Solution
Professor Arnaud De Bruyn, ESSEC
11:00am EDT
Wednesday, August 13, 2008

No fee…but space is limited and reservations essential. To register, visit

Marketing students and the Marketing curriculum require a healthy balance between conceptual marketing and marketing analytics, a difficult balance to achieve. Professors often seek ways to inject marketing analytics into existing marketing courses to make those courses more appropriate for today’s marketing environment.

The Marketing Education Challenge

Marketing curricula are skewed toward conceptual marketing because:

1. Many/most instructors are uncomfortable with marketing analytics
2. Many/most students have some form of numerical/analytic anxiety
3. Materials to ease instructor comfort and calm student anxiety have not been available

The Marketing Engineering Solution

The solution must address the challenges above. During this workshop we will illustrate how a new text, Principles of Marketing Engineering (2007, Lilien, Rangaswamy and De Bruyn) and new software, Marketing Engineering for Excel (ME>XL) helps meet this challenge.

During this webinar Professor De Bruyn will:

Demonstrate the need for Marketing Engineering as a critical component in contemporary marketing education  

Outline the structure and the coverage of Principles of Marketing Engineering

Demonstrate ME>XL using cases available with the software.

Outline where this material can make a real pedagogic difference in courses such as: Marketing Strategy, Marketing Communications, Product Policy, New Product Management, Marketing Research and others.

Who Should Attend

This session will be tailored to first-time instructors who are preparing to deliver a marketing analytics course.

Instructors of MBA or undergraduate marketing courses not currently using Marketing Engineering but who are interested in exploring how Marketing Engineering can best be integrated into their teaching programs.

No fee…but space is limited and reservations essential. To register, visit