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Strategy and Leadership, 36(4)

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Strategy & Leadership 

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Encouraging front-line employees to rise to the innovation challenge
Naveed Moosa, Patiwat Panurach [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Value 2.0: eight new rules for creating and capturing value from innovative technologies
Matt Porta, Brian House, Lisa Buckley, Amy Blitz [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Challenging the advantages of scale: disposable factories and strategies
George Stalk [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

A conversation with George Stalk about “disposable strategies”
Robert M. Randall [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Learning the advantages of sustainable growth
Darrell Rigby, Suzanne Tager [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Using value-chain analysis to discover customers’ strategic needs
David W. Crain, Stan Abraham [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

How leading companies are stretching their strategy
Nicolas Kachaner, Michael S. Deimler [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

A better way to design loyalty programs
Janet L. Hoffman, Eric M. Lowitt [Publisher] [Google Scholar]