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International Journal of Product Development, 6(2)

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International Journal of Product Development 

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The impact of knowledge delivery factors on New Product Development teams: a quantitative analysis of software development efficiency
Samuel A. Ajila [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

A review and critical analysis of global New Product Introduction and Development
David Atkinson, Ahmed Al-Ashaab [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Evaluating and operating NPD mix within Technological and Manufacturing Cluster under uncertainty
Hsing Hung Chen, Yunhuan Tong [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

NPD project timeliness: the project-level impact of early engineering effort and customer involvement
William H.A. Johnson, Changyue Luo [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Good theory: developing a foundation for project management
Kam Jugdev [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Development of a Conceptual Framework for Lean New Product Development Process p. 190
G. Anand, Rambabu Kodali [Publisher] [Google Scholar]