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International Journal of Logistics Research and Applications, 11(4)

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International Journal of Logistics Research and Applications 

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Class-based storage-location assignment to minimise pick travel distance
Venkata Reddy Muppani; Gajendra Kumar Adil [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Manufacturer–retailer collaboration in the supply chain: Empirical evidence from the Greek food sector
Ilias P. Vlachos; Michael Bourlakis; Vassilis Karalis [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Motorway of the sea port requirements: the viewpoint of port authorities
Author: Ana C. Paixão Casaca [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Perceived quality deficiencies of demand information and their consequences
Mattias Gustavsson; Patrik Jonsson [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Academic publishing in the Nordic countries – a survey of logistics and supply chain related journal rankings
Gyöngyi Kovács; Karen M. Spens; David B. Vellenga [Publisher] [Google Scholar]