Web 2.0 in Marketing Classes – 2


Cathy Curran has additional suggestions for Saleh AlShebil and Web 2.0

The Spring Issue of Marketing Education Review is now available through EBSCO an, as it has been for the last three Spring Issues, it is devoted to Teaching Innovations.  This year’s issue contains articles about a wide variety of new media include and article by John Workman on the use of Wiki’s in the classroom, Doug Lincoln has an article about clickers among many other useful and pratical tools and techniques for marketing educators wishing to bring more innovative pedagogy into their classrooms. 

In the Summer issue which is forthcoming there is an article related to teaching in Second Life.  MER is an excellent source of information for teaching related issues and includes articles by Master Teachers about innovations they are using in their classroom.  If you are interested in MER, subscriptions are less than $50 for the year ($25 if your are an SMA member) and are available at www.marketingeduationreview.com.

I am also chairing a session on using new technology in the classroom at Summer AMA.  The session is on Saturday and will explore:  podcasting, video and virtual teaching, Second Life and using the host of online tools that now come with textbooks.  It should be a really nice session and all are welcome to come and participate.  Bring your ideas and your questions this will be all about sharing with your colleagues.

Cathy Curran, Editor

Marketing Education Review