Cross-National Measurement Invariance


A recent article in J Intl Marketing by He, Merz and Alden indicates invariance is frequently not assessed in cross-national marketing research. Read the article via open access to understand why

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Is Measurement Invariance Assessment Important for Cross-National Marketing Research?

Cross-cultural measurement invariance techniques have been available to international marketing researchers to enhance measurement validity for some time. However, a recent article published in the Journal of International Marketing by Yi He, Michael A. Merz and Dana L. Alden, developed from a content analysis of 243 published article in 15 well-respected and peer-reviewed marketing journals from 2000 to 2005, indicates that a substantial number of cross-national studies are published without establishing measurement invariance (the results vary widely across journals).

If establishing measurement invariance is important for the validity of cross-national research, then why are researchers not reporting it, and why are journals publishing cross-national research without reporting it? He et al. (2008), survey the authors of the examined articles, to understand why? The results are surprising.

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He, Yi, Micahel A. Merz and Dana L. Alden (2008), “Diffusion of Measurement Invariance Assessment in Cross-National Empirical Marketing Research: Perspectives from the Literature and a Survey of Researchers,” Journal of International Marketing, 16(2), 64-83.

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