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Service Business 

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Determinants of the adoption of HRM practices in tourism SMEs in Spain: an exploratory study
David Urbano, Desislava Yordanova [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The tourism SMEs in the global value chains: the case of Andalusia
Joaquín Guzmán, Pilar Moreno, Pilar Tejada [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Tracking the relationship between environmental management and financial performance in the service industry
Marilyn T. Lucas, Matthew A. Wilson [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Modeling and forecasting tourism demand: the case of flows from Mainland China to Taiwan
Luiz Moutinho, K.-H. Huarng, Tiffany H.-K. Yu, C.-Y. Chen [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Location strategies of multiunit service businesses: spatial differentiation and agglomeration among hamburger restaurants in Paris, 1984–2004
Sébastien Liarte, Bernard Forgues [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Determinants of retail bank choice in Nigeria: a focus on gender-based choice decisions
Ogenyi Ejye Omar [Publisher] [Google Scholar]