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Journal of Retailing, 84(2)

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Journal of Retailing 

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On what makes a significant contribution to the retailing literature
James R. Brown and Rajiv P. Dant [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Effects of service setting and other consumers’ age on the service perceptions of young consumers
Mrugank V. Thakor, Rajneesh Suri and Katayoun Saleh [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Strategies to offset performance failures: The role of brand equity
Michael K. Brady, J. Joseph Cronin Jr., Gavin L. Fox and Michelle L. Roehm [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Store inventory can affect demand: Empirical evidence from magazine retailing
Martin A. Koschat [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Product form bundling: Implications for marketing digital products
Nevena T. Koukova, P.K. Kannan and Brian T. Ratchford [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Customer complaining: The role of tie strength and information control
Vikas Mittal, John W. Huppertz and Adwait Khare [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Protecting children’s privacy online: How parental mediation strategies affect website safeguard effectiveness
May O. Lwin, Andrea J.S. Stanaland and Anthony D. Miyazaki [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Shopping context and consumers’ mental representation of complex shopping trip decision problems
Benedict G.C. Dellaert, Theo A. Arentze and Harry J.P. Timmermans [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The dynamics of online word-of-mouth and product sales—An empirical investigation of the movie industry
Wenjing Duan, Bin Gu and Andrew B. Whinston [Publisher] [Google Scholar]