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Business Horizons, 51(4)

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Business Horizons 

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Fish tales: Leadership lessons from the Bering Sea
Catherine M. Dalton [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Social entrepreneurship: Key issues and concepts
S. Trevis Certo and Toyah Miller [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Confronting America’s healthcare crisis
Leonard L. Berry [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Blogging: A new play in your marketing game plan
Tanuja Singh, Liza Veron-Jackson and Joe Cullinane [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

How managers can lower mental illness costs by reducing stigma
Betsy D. Gelb and Patrick W. Corrigan [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Building a capable organization: The eight levers of strategy implementation
Victoria L. Crittenden and William F. Crittenden [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Will the new competitive landscape cause your firm’s decline? It depends on your mindset
Somnath Lahiri, Liliana Pérez-Nordtvedt and Robert W. Renn [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

MIRR: A better measure
Herbert Kierulff [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Disclosure, leaks, and slips: Issues and strategies for prohibiting employee communication
Lyle Sussman [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Socially responsible entrepreneurs: What do they do to create and build their companies?
David Y. Choi and Edmund R. Gray [Publisher] [Google Scholar]