International Journal of Service Industry Management will be re-named Journal of Service Management

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Reflecting the changing scope of the service management field, the International Journal of Service Industry Management (IJSIM), published by Emerald Group Publishing Limited, will be re-titled the Journal of Service Management (JOSM) effective from the beginning of the 2009 volume.

Publisher, Kate Snowden explains, “Following a consultation exercise with the journal’s International Editorial Advisory Board and research undertaken by Emerald into the service management market, it was decided that re-launching the journal under a new title was necessary. This is a major step forward for the journal and one which myself and the editor feel will secure the journal’s continuing growth in a competitive scholarly publications’ market. Under its new name and revised editorial mission, the journal will move squarely into the broader field of service management and in so doing, will make itself open to new author communities and a wider range of research topics.”

Journal Editor, Professor Bo Edvardsson adds, “As the economies across the world have become more service oriented, so has the importance of studying and understanding the challenges faced by managers and executives charged with running service organizations. Such challenges arise not only in the traditional service businesses of hospitality and retailing, but also in information, engineering, health care, consulting, governmental, not-for-profit, and services in manufacturing companies.

The mission of the Journal of Service Management is to add theoretically anchored, empirically validated research to the understanding of service and its effective management. The journal will publish articles that make important contributions and add value to the knowledge base of a science of service.”

Any queries regarding the changes should be sent to Kate Snowden, Publisher at ksnowden@emeraldinsight.com


Kate Snowden