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Long Range Planning, 41(3)

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Long Range Planning 

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Charles Baden-Fuller [Publisher]

The Crafts of StrategySpecial Issue Introduction by the Guest Editors
Richard Whittington and Ludovic Cailluet [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Rise and Fall – or Transformation?The Evolution of Strategic Planning at the General Electric Company, 1940–2006
William Ocasio and John Joseph [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Can Strategic Planning Make Strategy More Relevant and Build Commitment Over Time? The Case of RACC
Joaquim Vilà and J. Ignacio Canales [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The Drafts of Strategy: Opening up Plans and their Uses
Martin Giraudeau [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Crafting Strategy: The Role of Embodied Metaphors
Loizos Heracleous and Claus D. Jacobs [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Strategic Planning Champions: Social Craftspersons, Artful Interpreters and Known Strangers
Mattias Nordqvist and Leif Melin [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Strategizing at Leading Venture Capital Firms: of Planning, Opportunism and Deliberate Emergence
Brian L. King [Publisher] [Google Scholar]