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Journal of Business Ethics, 80(3)

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Journal of Business Ethics 

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The Sarbanes-Oxley Act Will Change the Governance of Non Profit Organizations
Donald Grunewald [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

An Analysis of Corporate Social Responsibility at Credit Line: A Narrative Approach
Michael Humphreys, Andrew D. Brown [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

A Holistic Corporate Responsibility Model: Integrating Values, Discourses and Actions
Tarja Ketola [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Perception of Business Bribery in China: the Impact of Moral Philosophy
Qing Tian [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The Effects of Commitment to Moral Self-improvement and Religiosity on Ethics of Business Students
Lada V. Kurpis, Mirjeta S. Beqiri, James G. Helgeson [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Working Towards Empirically-Based Continuous Improvements in Service Learning
Brenda L. Flannery, Claudia H. Pragman [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Employee Reactions to Internet Monitoring: The Moderating Role of Ethical Orientation
G. Stoney Alder, Marshall Schminke, Terry W. Noel, Maribeth Kuenzi [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Improving Consistency for DIT Results Using Cluster Analysis
Carmel Herington, Scott Weaven [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Ethical Climates and Workplace Safety Behaviors: An Empirical Investigation
K. Praveen Parboteeah, Edward Andrew Kapp [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Ethical Aspects in Nordic Business Mergers: The Case of Electro-Business
Jari Syrjälä, Tuomo Takala [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Breaking the “Bamboo Curtain” and the “Glass Ceiling”: The Experience of Women Entrepreneurs in High-Tech Industries in an Emerging Market
Justin Tan [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The Relationship among Ethical Climate Types, Facets of Job Satisfaction, and the Three Components of Organizational Commitment: A Study of Nurses in Taiwan
Ming-Tien Tsai, Chun-Chen Huang [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

How to Encourage Customers to Use Legal Software
Hung-Chang Chiu, Yi-Ching Hsieh, Mei-Chien Wang [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Understanding Corporate Social Responsibility and Product Perceptions in Consumer Markets: A Cross-cultural Evaluation
Jaywant Singh, Maria del Mar Garcia Salmones Sanchez, Igancio Rodriguez Bosque [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Relative Importance Measurement of the Moral Intensity Dimensions
John Tsalikis, Bruce Seaton, Philip Shepherd [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

A Study of the Ethical Issues of Private Entrepreneurs Participating in Politics in China
Zhilong Tian, Haitao Gao, Malcolm Cone [Publisher] [Google Scholar]