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Journal of International Marketing: Forthcoming Articles

As a service to our readers, the Forthcoming Articles page of the www.marketingpower.com/jim website features postprints of authors’ originally submitted manuscripts to JIM. These postprints have been reviewed by JIM reviewers and have been accepted by the editor for publication but are not yet in their final publishable form.

Next Issue: September 2008

Achieving Superior Financial Performance in China: Differentiation, Cost Leadership, or Both?
Caroline Bingxin Li and Julie Juan Li
Full Text

The Consumer Affinity Construct: Conceptualization, Qualitative Investigation, and Research Agenda
Eva M. Oberecker, Petra Riefler, and Adamantios Diamantopoulos
Full Text

Product Complexity and Cultural Distance Effects on Managing International Distributor Relationships: A Contingency Approach
Carl Arthur Solberg
Full Text

Consumer World-Mindedness, Social-Mindedness, and Store Image
Edwin J. Nijssen and Susan P. Douglas
Full Text

Intra- and Interfirm Coordination of Export Manufacturers: A Cluster Analysis of Indigenous Chinese Exporters
Chun Zhang, Zuohao Hu, and Flora F. Gu
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