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Current issues in Arts Marketing, Special issue of Marketing Intelligence and Planning, Edited by Noel Dennis, Michael Macaulay and Gretchen Larsen; Deadline 1 Nov 2008

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Current issues in Arts Marketing

Special issue call for papers from Marketing Intelligence and Planning

It is becoming increasingly evident through conference tracks and publications in general marketing and management journals that the area of arts marketing is growing, both in terms of academic members and wider importance in the marketing field (see for example Fillis, 2004; Holbrook, 2005; O’Reilly, 2005, Schroeder, 2005; Bradshaw and Holbrook, 2007).

The purpose of this Special Issue is to provide a showcase for cutting edge contemporary research in the field of arts marketing. Papers are particularly encouraged that contribute to the academic debate and also demonstrate practical application for arts marketing practitioners and artists. Specific topics might include the following, but papers of good quality on any appropriate arts marketing related issue would be welcome.

  • The nature of marketing and its fit with the arts
  • Marketing orientation and the arts
  • Strategic arts marketing issues
  • Marketing and consumption of all art forms regardless of their conventional categorisation (e.g. ‘for’ and ‘not for profit’; high art and popular culture)
  • Arts branding
  • Researching arts audiences
  • Defining and delivering customer value in the arts
  • Creativity and innovation in the arts organisation
  • Marketing strategy: the artist and artistic organisation
  • International issues in the arts
  • Moving beyond the art vs. commerce debate
  • Co-creation of the arts
  • Performing identity: artist and audiences
  • Digital media and arts provision
  • Synergising academic and practitioner research in arts marketing
  • Moving beyond metaphorical application of the arts in marketing

The deadline for submission is 1st November 2008

Submission guidelines

Submissions are made using Scholar One’s Manuscript Central online submission system. This is accessible at

Submissions should follow the format prescribed in the journal Author guidelines which are available in the inside back cover of any hard copy of the journal or on the journal website

All submissions will be acknowledged as they are received.

Guest editors

Noel Dennis
Teesside Business School
University of Teesside
Borough Road

Dr Michael Macaulay
Teesside Business School
University of Teesside
Borough Road

Dr Gretchen Larsen
Bradford University School of Management
EMM Lane
West Yorkshire

The guest editors of this special issue would be happy to discuss ideas for papers and can be contacted by email; Noel Dennis,; Michael Macaulay, €; Gretchen Larsen,


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Fillis, I (2004) The Entrepreneurial Artist as Marketer – Lessons from the Smaller Firm Literature. International Journal of Arts Management, 7(1) 9-21

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Schroeder, J (2005) The Artist and the Brand. European Journal of Marketing, 39(11-12) 1291-1305.