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Technovation, 28(7)

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Innovation and SMEs: Misaligned perspectives and goals among entrepreneurs, academics, and policy makers
Silvia Massa and Stefania Testa [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Identifying high technology small firms: A sectoral analysis
Nicholas O’Regan and Martin A. Sims [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

A model for the assessment and development of Internet-based information and communication services in small and medium enterprises
Judith Redoli, Rafael Mompó, Javier García-Díez and Miguel López-Coronado [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Specialization as strategy for business incubators: An assessment of the Central German Multimedia Center
Michael Schwartz and Christoph Hornych [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Learning and novelty of innovation in established manufacturing SMEs
Nabil Amara, Réjean Landry, Nizar Becheikh and Mathieu Ouimet [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Oil in water? Explaining differences in aesthetic design emphasis in new technology-based firms
Marina Candi and Rognvaldur Saemundsson [Publisher] [Google Scholar]