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The main AMA Web site, and the Academic Resource Center (ARC) that is part of it, will be undergoing a fairly radical makeover with the change scheduled to be finished at 6pm Friday 23 May 2008, US East Coast time (GMT -0400)

Project "Marketing on Demand" Unveiled between 5pm and 6pm on 23 May 2008
The AMA Web site (, and the Academic Resource Center that lives on that Web site, will undergo a fairly radical transformation Friday 23 May. 
The content of the ARC will be relatively unchanged, but you will immediately notice two things after 6pm US Eastern Time. One, the visual look of the site will be different.  Two, the URLs for all ARC pages will become more user friendly.  So for example, the ARC’s home page will no longer be
but instead will be
A third change that you will probably not notice is that the infrastructure for the MarketingPower Web site, i. e. what is  under the hood, will be updated.  The site will be capable of Web 2.0 applications, and while these will not be available starting immediately, the plan is to implement new features in the near future.   The possibility of such capabilities inspired us to informally use the code-name "Marketing on Demand" to refer to the new system. 
The work of "migrating" the ARC fell mainly to a set of folks at the AMA, including Jack Hollfelder, who, in a manner of speaking, carried the ARC on his back from one system to the next. 
This work unfortunately involved some effort on my part as well. I say unfortunately only because, being human, or being human in the way that I am human, I seemed to have introduced a few human errors here and there.  So if you do check out the new ARC at the second URL address above, please send an email to me at if you see something amiss.  It is possible that you could see a broken link or two.  If you see one, it would be useful to let me know.
Finally, since all the links on the ARC are changing, I would ask you to change any links to it that you might have with an updated URL. I will be doing that very thing on the ELMAR site right around the time of the transition.
Of course, since there is at least one computer involved in all this activity, something just might go wrong.  But if that happens, we’ll fix it.  I hope you enjoy Marketing on Demand.