ELMAR Software Misadventure


The routines that trigger the Community Update mailout have been less than perfectly reliable since last Friday. Folks are looking into it, and in the meantime we are a beat or two off the usual ELMAR weekly rhythm.

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The ELMAR platform, perhaps sensing the impending wave of Spring job postings in anticipation of the San Diego Conference, has been acting a little flaky lately.  Friday’s Community Update was not emailed until Monday morning, and Monday’s mailing took until late in the day on Tuesday to show up. 
The developers have been looking into the problem, and so I hope it will not cause us any more inconvenience than that which we have already suffered.  Which is to say; modest. 
We are, however, one day off of our usual schedule.  Depending on message traffic, and of course on the activities of the  numerous technicians running around in the ELMAR internal machinery looking for broken pieces and worn parts, we will either get caught up on Thursday, or if necessary, via a rare Saturday morning (from the US East Coast perspective) Community Update. Let’s hope for the best.