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Management Science, 54(5)

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Management Science 

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The Hidden Perils of Career Concerns in R&D Organizations
Enno Siemsen [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The Effect of Product Introduction Delays on Operating Performance
Kevin B. Hendricks and Vinod R. Singhal [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Appropriability and Commercialization: Evidence from MIT Inventions
Emmanuel Dechenaux, Brent Goldfarb, Scott Shane, and Marie Thursby [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

A Theoretical Framework for Managing the New Product Development Portfolio: When and How to Use Strategic Buckets
Raul O. Chao and Stylianos Kavadias [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Does Component Sharing Help or Hurt Reliability? An Empirical Study in the Automotive Industry
Kamalini Ramdas and Taylor Randall [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The Dual Role of Modularity: Innovation and Imitation
Sendil K. Ethiraj, Daniel Levinthal, and Rishi R. Roy [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Sequential Testing of Product Designs: Implications for Learning
Sanjiv Erat and Stylianos Kavadias [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Fragmented Property Rights and Incentives for R&D
Derek J. Clark and Kai A. Konrad [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The Impact of Uncertain Intellectual Property Rights on the Market for Ideas: Evidence from Patent Grant Delays
Joshua S. Gans, David H. Hsu, and Scott Stern [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Heterogeneity and Network Structure in the Dynamics of Diffusion: Comparing Agent-Based and Differential Equation Models
Hazhir Rahmandad and John Sterman [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Pricing an Option on Revenue from an Innovation: An Application to Movie Box Office Revenue
Don M. Chance, Eric Hillebrand, and Jimmy E. Hilliard [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Research Note

When Is Versioning Optimal for Information Goods?
Hemant K. Bhargava and Vidyanand Choudhary [Publisher] [Google Scholar]