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Journal of Services Marketing, 22(2)

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Journal of Services Marketing 

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The perceptions of waiters and customers on restaurant tipping
Chu-Mei Liu [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Identifying the components of effective service advertisements
Kathleen Mortimer [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

A cross-cultural examination of relationship strength in B2B services
James M. Barry, Paul Dion, William Johnson [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Commitment and vulnerability in B2B relationship selling in the Hong Kong institutional insurance service industry
Y.H. Wong, Ricky Y.K. Chan, T.K.P. Leung, Jae H. Pae [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Consumer’s value for informational role of agent in service industry
Minakshi Trivedi, Michael S. Morgan, Kalpesh Kaushik Desai [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Toward a measure of service convenience: multiple-item scale development and empirical test
Scott R. Colwell, May Aung, Vinay Kanetkar, Alison L. Holden [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Marketing services more effectively with neuromarketing research: a look into the future
Douglas L. Fugate [Publisher] [Google Scholar]