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Journal of Consumer Policy, 31(2)

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Journal of Consumer Policy 

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A New Look at Old Coefficients
Heiner Imkamp [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Credit Union Legislative Frameworks in the United States of America and the United Kingdom – A Flexible Friend or a Step Towards the Dark Side?
Nicholas Ryder [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

“To Be or Not to Be an Auctioneer?” Some Thoughts on the Legal Nature of Online “eBay” Auctions and the Protection of Consumers
Christine Riefa [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The Index of Consumer Sentiment toward Marketing: Validation, Updated Results, and Demographic Analysis
John F. Gaski [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Europeanisation of Product Liability in the Asia-Pacific Region: A Preliminary Empirical Benchmark
Jocelyn Kellam, Luke Nottage [Publisher] [Google Scholar]