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International Marketing Review, 25(2)

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International Marketing Review 

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Global social time perspectives in marketing: a strategic reference point theory application
Michael G. Harvey, Timothy S. Kiessling, R. Glenn Richey [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

A categorization approach to analyzing the global consumer culture debate
Michael A. Merz, Yi He, Dana L. Alden [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Breaking through the cultural clutter: A comparative assessment of multiple cultural and institutional frameworks
Peter Magnusson, Rick T. Wilson, Srdan Zdravkovic, Joyce Xin Zhou, Stanford A. Westjohn [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

A culture-based approach to understanding the adoption and diffusion of new products across countries
Goksel Yalcinkaya [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Culture study in international marketing: a critical review and suggestions for future research
Attila Yaprak [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Country classification and the cultural dimension: a review and evaluation
Johanna Vanderstraeten, Paul Matthyssens [Publisher] [Google Scholar]