Revisit: Organic Growth


Special issue of International Journal of Research in Marketing, Edited by David James, Donald Lehmann and Russell Winer, Deadline 30 Jun 2008

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Reminder: IJRM/MSI Organic Growth special issue submission deadline

IJRM/MSI Special Issue on Organic Growth. Edited by David James, Don Lehmann & Russell Winer.

Submission deadline: June 30, 2008 Online submission site: (Please choose article type "Special Issue Organic Growth") Inquiries:

The International Journal of Research in Marketing (IJRM) and the Marketing Science Institute (MSI) are sponsoring a special IJRM issue dedicated to conceptual and empirical studies across a broad range of organic growth issues: how to generate, evaluate and implement growth options. Papers covering but not limited to the following areas are welcome:

Generation of growth options

  • Where do growth ideas come from?
  • How much growth comes from "big ideas" vs minor innovations?
  • What is the return on organic growth efforts?
  • What metrics capture/predict the quality of growth initiatives?

Implementation of Growth Options

  • What resources are needed to promote growth options once they are identified?
  • What elements of the marketing mix are most crucial for driving growth?
  • How should the marketing department interface with other parts of the organization?

Organizational Issues

  • Which types of organizations (structure, culture) are most effective for producing organic growth?
  • What capabilities are most crucial and how can they be measured?
  • Is entrepreneurship or intrapreneurship more effective?
  • Is there a sustainable growth process?
  • Are there important country/culture differences in growth strategies?
  • What are the best incentives to drive growth?
  • What is the impact of growth initiatives on employees?
  • How can you get an organization to focus on organic growth?
  • Can growth be outsourced?


  • How does organic growth relate to market orientation, satisfaction, CRM, Branding, etc.?
  • What are the social welfare impacts of a focus on organic growth?


In addition to the special issue, a conference on organic growth is being planned by IJRM and MSI for May 2009 at Henley Management College (U.K.) for a select group of submitted papers. Details on the conference will be forthcoming.