Entry-level and non-entry-level candidates

At this year’s AMA conference in 

San Diego , the marketing area at INSEAD will be interviewing both:  

  • entry-level candidates who are finishing their doctoral program in the next academic year and who have a strong research orientation, extensive training in theory and methodology, and the clear potential to publish in the top marketing journals, and
  • non-entry-level candidates who graduated fairly recently and have a strong research record and commitment to future research activity for several possible positions as Assistant Professor of Marketing at INSEAD on our European campus in Fontainebleau, France. 

We expect both types of candidates to also have a true commitment to quality management education at the MBA, executive, and Ph.D. levels. The marketing area at INSEAD includes 21 tenure track faculty and one senior affiliate professor (see for a listing) who hold 23 editorial board memberships, have published 71 articles in top marketing journals since 2004, and won 10 international research awards in the last five years.

Our research and teaching interests cover all aspects of marketing.  We provide an excellent research environment, including generous funding, networking opportunities (through multiple, year-round international seminar series and through travel to work with co-authors in North America, Europe, and Asia), and facilities (e.g., a state-of-the-art experimental lab in

Paris , availability of research assistants).  We also have a lively Ph.D. program whose graduates have gone on to faculty positions at top schools in

North America .

As one of the world’s leading and largest graduate business schools, INSEAD brings together people, cultures, and ideas from around the world to change lives and transform organizations. The unique global perspective and multicultural diversity of INSEAD are reflected in all aspects of its research and teaching. Currently, at the school’s two campuses in Asia and in Europe, 143 renowned faculty members from 31 countries inspire more than 880 MBA participants (with no country representing more than about 10% of our student population), 56 Executive MBAs, over 7000 Executives, and 64 PhD candidates. On both campuses, faculty conducts leading edge research with the support of 17 Centers of Excellence. The INSEAD-Wharton Alliance extends the reach of INSEAD business education and research across three continents. More information on INSEAD can be found at

We would like to invite you to send your applications via email to Joan Lewis (, Marketing Area Manager, INSEAD Europe Campus, Boulevard de Constance, 77305 Fontainebleau Cedex, France.  In addition to your email application, you may also send a paper application by regular mail.