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Journal of Macromarketing, 28(2)

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Journal of Macromarketing 

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In This Issue
Clifford J. Shultz [Publisher]

The Dominant Social Paradigm, Consumption, and Environmental Attitudes: Can Macromarketing Education Help?
William E. Kilbourne and Les Carlson [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Can Health Care Organizations Better Contribute to Quality of Life by Focusing on Preventive Health Knowledge?
Don R. Rahtz and Lisa R. Szykman [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Evaluating the Social Value of Charitable Organizations: A Conceptual Foundation
Michael Jay Polonsky and Stacy Landreth Grau [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Embedded Markets, Communities, and the Invisible Hand of Social Norms
Rohit Varman and Janeen Arnold Costa [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Predicting the Emergence of Innovations from Technological Convergence: Lessons from the Twentieth Century
Steven Schnaars, Gloria Thomas, and Caglar Irmak [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Relationship Marketing at Wanamaker’s in the Nineteenth and Early Twentieth Centuries
Mark Tadajewski [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

An Enlargement of the Notion of Consumer Vulnerability
Suraj Commuri and Ahmet Ekici [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

An Introduction to the Invited Commentaries on Macromarketing Education
Scott K. Radford and David M. Hunt [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

How Macro Should Macromarketing Be?
William E. Kilbourne [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Marketing, Society, and Government: Reflections on an Undergraduate Elective
Scott K. Radford and David M. Hunt [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Marketing, Society, and Controversy: An Online Course from a Macromarketing Perspective
Stanley J. Shapiro [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

A Macromarketing Seminar
Robert A. Mittelstaedt [Publisher] [Google Scholar]