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Journal of Business Venturing, 23(4)

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Journal of Business Venturing 

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Give everyone a prize? Employee stock options in private venture-backed firms
John R.M. Hand [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Clusters, knowledge spillovers and new venture performance: An empirical examination
Brett Anitra Gilbert, Patricia P. McDougall and David B. Audretsch [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Strategy–organization configurations in corporate venture units: Impact on performance and survival
Susan A. Hill and Julian Birkinshaw [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Externally commercializing technology assets: An examination of different process stages
Ulrich Lichtenthaler [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Financial slack and venture managers’ decisions to seek a new alliance
Holger Patzelt, Dean A. Shepherd, David Deeds and Steven W. Bradley [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The contrasting interaction effects of improvisational behavior with entrepreneurial self-efficacy on new venture performance and entrepreneur work satisfaction
Keith M. Hmieleski and Andrew C. Corbett [Publisher] [Google Scholar]