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Cornell Hospitality Quarterly, 49(2)

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Cornell Hospitality Quarterly 

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Barometer of the Hotel Industry
Randell A. Smith [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

PKF Industry Analysis: Hotel Operators Massage More Profits from Their Spa Operations
Robert Mandelbaum and Gabrielle Lerner [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

A Qualitative Analysis of Slot Clubs as Drivers of Casino Loyalty
Flavia Hendler and Kathryn A. Latour [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Decreases in a Slot Machine’s Coefficient of Variation Lead to Increases in Customer Play Time
Anthony F. Lucas and A.K. Singh [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Radio Frequency Identification: Advanced Intelligence for Table Games in
Casinos [Publisher] [Google Scholar] David C. Wyld

Fear and Managing in Las Vegas: An Analysis of the Effects of September 11, 2001, on Las Vegas Strip Gaming Volume
David Eisendrath, BO J. Bernhard, Anthony F. Lucas, and Dennis J. Murphy [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Hamilton, New Zealand: Divergent Attitudes When the Casino Came to Town
Asad Mohsin and Tim Lockyer [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

From Maverick to Mafia to MBA: Gaming Industry Leadership in Las Vegas from 1931 through 2007
Bo J. Bernhard, Michael S. Green, and Anthony F. Lucas [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Leading Change with the 5-P Model: "Complexing" the Swan and Dolphin Hotels at Walt Disney World
Robert Ford, William Heisler, and William Mccreary [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

A Commentary on "Leading Change with the 5-P Model: `Complexing’ the Swan and Dolphin Hotels at Walt Disney World"
Judi Brownell [Publisher]

The 5-P Model Is SPOT On
Donald M. Davidoff [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Commentary on "Driving Demand for the Quarterdeck"
Bill Kelly [Publisher] [Google Scholar]