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Journal of Management Studies, 45(4)

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Journal of Management Studies 

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Inter-Organizational Knowledge Transfer: Current Themes and Future Prospects
Mark Easterby-Smith, Marjorie A. Lyles, Eric W. K. Tsang [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Trustworthiness, Risk, and the Transfer of Tacit and Explicit Knowledge Between Alliance Partners
Manuel Becerra, Randi Lunnan, Lars Huemer [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Effectiveness and Efficiency of Cross-Border Knowledge Transfer: An Empirical Examination
Liliana Perez-Nordtvedt, Ben L. Kedia, Deepak K. Datta, Abdul A. Rasheed [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Transformation Networks in Innovation Alliances – The Development of Volvo C70
Sigvald J. Harryson, Rafal Dudkowski, Alexander Stern [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Learning to Build a Supply Network: An Exploration of Dynamic Business Models
Katy J. Mason, Sheena Leek [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Heterogeneity and Specificity of Inter-Firm Knowledge Flows in Innovation Networks
Alessia Sammarra, Lucio Biggiero [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Inter- and Intra-Organizational Knowledge Transfer: A Meta-Analytic Review and Assessment of its Antecedents and Consequences
Raymond van Wijk, Justin J. P. Jansen, Marjorie A. Lyles [Publisher] [Google Scholar]