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Journal of Consumer Marketing, 25(1)

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Journal of Consumer Marketing 

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Creative women in advertising agencies: why so few “babes in boyland”?
Sheri J. Broyles, Jean M. Grow [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Effects of social variables on urban children’s consumption attitude and behavior intentions
Samsinar Md. Sidin, Mohd K. Abdul Rahman, Md. Zabid Abdul Rashid, Md. Nor Othman, Ainul Z. Abu Bakar [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Understanding gender differences in professional service relationships
Parimal S. Bhagat, Jerome D. Williams [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Impulse buying: the role of affect, social influence, and subjective wellbeing
David H. Silvera, Anne M. Lavack, Fredric Kropp [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Domestic consumption: rational, affective or normative choice?
Irena Vida, James Reardon [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Purchase decision making and the increasing significance of family types
Julie Tinson, Clive Nancarrow, Ian Brace [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Finding the redemption sweet spot: debunking the top ten myths about couponing
Peter Meyers, Steve Litt [Publisher] [Google Scholar]