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International Journal of Retail and Distribution Management, 36(2)

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Intl J Retail and Dist Man 

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Exploring the relationships between retail brands and consumer store loyalty
Anne-Sophie Binninger [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

US consumers’ perceptions of non-price retail promotions
Jason M. Carpenter, Marguerite Moore [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The dark side of retailing: towards a scale of corporate social irresponsibility
Tillmann Wagner, Pelin Bicen, Zachary R. Hall [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Small-town consumers’ disconfirmation of expectations and satisfaction with local independent retailers
Seung-Eun Lee, Kim K.P. Johnson, Sherri A. Gahring [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Attitudes and behaviour towards organic products: an exploratory study
Efthimia Tsakiridou, Christina Boutsouki, Yorgos Zotos, Kostantinos Mattas [Publisher] [Google Scholar]