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Supply Chain Management, 13(1)

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Supply Chain Management 

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Supply strategies for build-to-order: managing global auto operations
Joe Miemczyk, Mickey Howard [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Recycling calls for revaluation
Maria Huge Brodin, Helén Anderson [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The challenges of supply strategy selection in a project environment: evidence from UK naval shipbuilding
Joe Sanderson, Andrew Cox [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Using e-procurement applications to achieve integration: what role does firm size play?
Dawn H. Pearcy, Larry C. Giunipero [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Benefits, barriers, and bridges to effective supply chain management
Stanley E. Fawcett, Gregory M. Magnan, Matthew W. McCarter [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The impact of collaborative store ordering on shelf availability
Katerina Pramatari, Panagiotis Miliotis [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Facilitating learning and knowledge transfer through supplier development
Mihalis Giannakis [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Barriers to the adoption of online supply chain solutions in small and medium enterprises
Norm Archer, Shan Wang, Claire Kang [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Value chain analysis in the UK beef foodservice sector
Mark Francis, David Simons, Michael Bourlakis [Publisher] [Google Scholar]