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Qualitative Market Research, 11(1)


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Qualitative Market Research 

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Conducting culturally appropriate qualitative market research in the Native American landscape
Rodney Haring [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Fandom affiliation and tribal behaviour: a sports marketing application
Pedro Dionísio, Carmo Leal, Luiz Moutinho [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

An application of Keller’s brand equity model in a B2B context
Kerri-Ann L. Kuhn, Frank Alpert, Nigel K. Ll. Pope [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Consumers’ accounts of perceived risk online and the influence of communication sources
Lynda Andrews, Maree V. Boyle [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

CAQDAS: a supplementary tool for qualitative market research
Ruth Rettie, Helen Robinson, Anja Radke, Xiajiao Ye [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Jargon as imagining: Barthes’ semiotics and excavating subcultural communication
Hélène de Burgh-Woodman, Jan Brace-Govan [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Bridging the practitioner-academic divide
Sheila Keegan, Julie Tinsan, Clive Nancarrow [Publisher] [Google Scholar]