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Journal of Management Studies, 45(3)

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Journal of Management Studies 

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Contract Formalization and Governance of Exporter-Importer Relationships
Preet S. Aulakh, F. Esra Gencturk [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Reflecting on Reflexivity: Reflexive Textual Practices in Organization and Management Theory
Mats Alvesson, Cynthia Hardy, Bill Harley [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Manifested Attitudes: Intricacies of Inter-Partner Learning in Collaboration
Chris Huxham, Paul Hibbert [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Disentangling Alliance Management Processes: Decision Making, Politicality, and Alliance Performance
Jorge Walter, Christoph Lechner, Franz W. Kellermanns [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Buyer-Supplier and Supplier-Supplier Alliances: Do They Reinforce or Undermine One Another?
Sergio G. Lazzarini, Danny P. Claro, Luiz F. Mesquita [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Internal Knowledge Development and External Knowledge Access in Venture Capital Investment Performance
Dirk De Clercq, Dimo Dimov [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The Narrative of ‘Evidence Based’ Management: A Polemic
Kevin Morrell [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Asian Management Research: Status Today and Future Outlook
Garry D. Bruton, Chung-Ming Lau [Publisher] [Google Scholar]