Teaching Innovations


Special issue of Marketing Education Review, Edited by Charles Hermans and Barbara Ross Wooldridge; Deadline 15 Sep 2008

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Call for Papers
Special Issue for Spring 2009 on Teaching Innovations

Guest Editors: Charles Hermans, College of Business Administration, Missouri State University, ChuckHermans@missouristate.edu, Barbara Ross Wooldridge, School of Business Administration, The University of Texas at Tyler, barbara_wooldridge@uttyler.edu.
Deadline: September 15, 2008

Special Issue: Marketing Education Review (MER) is pleased to announce that the Spring 2009 edition will be devoted to teaching innovations. We are excited about this opportunity to recognize faculty in marketing that are discovering new ways of exploring and learning marketing with their students. The innovations can deal with instruction on any aspect of marketing, from any course, at either the graduate or undergraduate level. The innovations will have previously been used and refined allowing the author to share his/her experience with the reader. Methodological assessment of the innovation’s success is required of each manuscript.


This outline is given as a guideline and should be followed whenever possible however the outline can be adapted to fit your particular innovation.

  1. State the problem which the innovation addresses. (i.e., I was looking for a way to sensitize students to cultural variations and the effects of such variation on consumer behavior.)
  2. Explain how the problem relates to marketing course or curriculum objectives. (i.e., Understanding the need for cultural adaptation is crucial to successful global marketing.)
  3. Outline the innovation.
    1. What information do the students have about or related to this problem? (i.e., This innovation is appropriate for an upper division course, such that students have basic knowledge of relevant concepts but benefit from an opportunity for integration.)
    2. What information did the instructor want the students to know after this innovation? (i.e., Students should understand that culture is the million little things not just the language differences between groups.)
    3. What is the basic process used to deliver the information (i.e., lecture, role play, simulation, etc.). Include a description of resources used as part of the innovation (i.e., time, tangibles, etc.).
    4. What materials did the instructors provide to the students? Provide samples of these materials if at all possible.
  4. Explain how the innovation solves the problem.
  5. Explain and report results of methods used to assess the innovation’s effectiveness in addressing the problem. All submitted manuscripts MUST address assessment of the innovation via qualitative or quantitative measures to be considered for publication.
  6. Summarize problems and/or questions encountered when using this innovation and how an instructor might deal with these issues.
  7. Comment on the adaptability of the innovation for other marketing courses and/or for different levels (undergraduate versus graduate) of coursework.

Electronic submission is required. Multiple submissions are permitted from an author but please limit each submission to 8 – 10 pages. Papers must be submitted to ChuckHermans@missouristate.edu, or barbara_wooldridge@uttyler.edu no later than September 15, 2008. If you have any questions concerning this special issue, feel free to contact Charles Hermans at ChuckHermans@missouristate.edu or Barbara Wooldridge at barbara_wooldridge@uttyler.edu.