Multinational Enterprises and Local Contexts


Special issue of Journal of Management Studies, Edited by Klaus Meyer, Ram Mudambi and Rajneesh Narula; Deadline 1 Nov 2008

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Journal of Management Studies

Special Issue Call for Papers
Multinational Enterprises and Local Contexts

Submission Deadline November 1, 2008

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Multinational enterprises (MNEs) face diverse challenges and opportunities when operating in a variety of different contexts. Recent research suggests that classic theoretical perspectives such as models based on international trade theory, the OLI paradigm and the integration-responsiveness framework are insufficiently nuanced to address the complexities that MNEs face, and therefore do not always yield optimal solutions. This special issue aims to advance our theoretical and empirical understanding of the interaction of how MNEs cope with idiosyncrasies of specific contexts, and the dynamic interactions between the contexts and MNE strategies…