Special issue of Journal of Public Affairs, Edited by Don Iverson, Sandra Jones, Gerard Hastings and Laurie Hoffman-Goetz; Deadline 31 Mar 2009

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Journal of Public Affairs
Special Issue on Cancer

Special Issue Editors

  • Professor Don Iverson, Illawarra Health & Medical Research Institute, University of Wollongong
  • Professor Sandra Jones, Director, Centre for Health Initiatives, University of Wollongong
  • Professor Gerard Hastings, Director of the Institute for Social Marketing and Centre for Tobacco Control Research, University of Stirling and the Open University, Scotland
  • Professor Laurie Hoffman-Goetz, Department of Health Studies and Gerontology, University of Waterloo, Canada

The Journal of Public Affairs is planning a special issue on Cancer. We are calling for theoretically-driven and empirical papers exploring topics involving the interaction between cancer and public affairs. We are especially interested in manuscripts that address issues not usually accepted for publication in cancer journals. Manuscripts that address issues using empirical analyses will be given priority. In addition, we are seeking at least one systematic or narrative review paper.

The patterns of cancer in the UK and other developed countries continue to change with the incidence of some cancers stabilizing while others are increasing. International reports continue to suggest that a significant percent of overall cancers can be prevented through environmental and lifestyle interventions. Interest in cancer screening is increasing but the availability of screening strategies that have been shown to reduce mortality is limited. While advances in cancer treatment have improved the survival rates for many cancers there is concern that many persons do not receive or do not have access to the most effective treatments. And, as a consequence of the advances in cancer screening and cancer treatment the number of persons who are long-term cancer survivors continues to increase. Manuscripts that address issues related to these and other cancer-related trends, especially when viewed from a public affairs perspective, are sought.

Potential topics of interest include:

  • The role, coverage and impact of media on cancer issues
  • Public policy implications of cancer screening programs
  • The evidence and ethics of promoting cancer prevention strategies (eg, foods that reduce the risk of developing cancer)
  • Corporate and governmental roles and responsibilities in reducing cancers that have an environmental cause
  • The accuracy of stories on cancer advances – the responsibility of the media and the researchers
  • Controlling tobacco-related cancers in the developing world – whose responsibility
  • Corporate social responsibility in marketing cancer treatment and services

Please send completed manuscripts by email (titled “Submission for JPA Special Issue on Cancer”) to Professor Sandra Jones (

Manuscripts submitted should adhere to JPA format (see

Questions concerning the appropriateness of particular papers can be directed to

Manuscripts must be received no later than March 31, 2009