2009-2010 Fulbrights


US citizens can lecture or conduct research in Indonesia, Japan, Kazakhstan, Korea, Kyrgyzstan, Malaysia, Philippines and Tajikistan through Fulbright Scholar awards

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The Fulbright U.S. Scholar Program for academic year 2009-10 is open, and I wanted to bring to your attention specific awards that request professors in marketing.

Indonesia—“International Business” (http://www.cies.org/award_book/award2009/award/Int9136.htm) and “Social Sciences and Humanities” (http://www.cies.org/award_book/award2009/award/Soc9138.htm). Both lecturing or combination of lecturing/research.

Japan—“Study of the United States” (http://www.cies.org/award_book/award2009/award/Stu9144.htm) lecturing.

Kazakhstan—“All Disciplines: and “American Studies” awards (http://www.cies.org/award_book/award2009/country/SouKazKZ.htm)

Korea—“Social Sciences, Humanities, Fine Arts” (http://www.cies.org/award_book/award2009/award/Soc9148.htm) Research award and “Study of the United States” (http://www.cies.org/award_book/award2009/award/Stu9149.htm) Lecturing or Lecturing/Research combination award.

Kyrgyzstan—various awards (http://www.cies.org/award_book/award2009/country/SouKyrKG.htm) including “Social Sciences, Humanities, Business Administration” and “Study of the United States” awards.

Malaysia—“All Disciplines” (http://www.cies.org/award_book/award2009/award/All9153.htm) Lecturing, Research or combination awards.

Philippines—various awards (http://www.cies.org/award_book/award2009/country/EasPhiRP.htm) including a short-term “SyCip Distinguished Lecturing Award”, “Global Issues” lecturing/research award, “Philippine Studies” research award, “Study of the United States” lecturing award, and “U.S.-Philippine Relations” research award.

Tajikistan—All Disciplines award (http://www.cies.org/award_book/award2009/country/SouTajTI.htm)

The competition closes on August 1st, 2008. Basic requirements are U.S. citizenship at the time of application and terminal degrees (for majority of the awards). Interested applicants are urged to visit our website above and consult with the Program Officer via email with an attachment of your most up-to-date CV.


Mamiko Hada
Program Officer
Council for International Exchange of Scholars
Email: mhada@cies.iie.org
tel: 202/686-7873