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Service Industries Journal, 28(3)

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Service Industries Journal 

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Marie-Christine Monnoyer [Publisher]

Transition, regulation and trade in services
Metka Stare; Andreja Jaklic [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The evolution of the geographical concentration of tertiary sector activities in Europe
Hugues Jennequin [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Transnational corporations and spatial divisions of ‘service’ expertise as a competitive strategy: the example of 3M and Boeing
John R. Bryson; Grete Rusten [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

The geography of public services employment in Europe: concentration or dispersion?
Mercedes Rodríguez; José A. Camacho [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Services productivity revisited
Andrés Maroto; Luis Rubalcaba [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Controlling the driving and road safety training sector through the driving test success rate?
Madeleine Andreff; Laurence Bancel-Charensol; Alain Dessertaine [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Cultural and recreational industries in the United States
William B. Beyers [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

On ‘creative cities’ governance models: a comparative approach
P. Costa; M. Magalhães; B. Vasconcelos; G. Sugahara [Publisher] [Google Scholar]

Finnish polytechnics as providers of knowledge-intensive services
Liisa Marttila; Anu Lyytinen; Mika Kautonen [Publisher] [Google Scholar]