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Journal of Supply Chain Management, 44(2)

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Journal of Supply Chain Management 

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Outsourcing: Transaction Cost Economics and Supply Chain Management
Oliver E. Williamson [Google Scholar][Publisher]

Developing Purchasing’s Foundation
Michiel R. Leenders, Harold E. Fearon [Google Scholar][Publisher]

Buyer-Supplier Relationships: Derived Value Over Two Decades
Regis Terpend, Beverly B. Tyler, Daniel R. Krause, Robert B. Handfield [Google Scholar][Publisher]

Introduction to the Forum On the Gap Between Research and Practice In Supply Chain Management
Craig R. Carter [Google Scholar][Publisher]

Rather Than Searching For the Silver Bullet, Use Rubber Bullets: A View On the Research-Practice Gap
Gregory G. Dess, Livia Markoczy [Google Scholar][Publisher]

Having It All: Rigor Versus Relevance In Supply Chain Management Research
Barbara B. Flynn [Google Scholar][Publisher]

Engaging Corporate Partners To Bridge the Theory-Practice Gap
Michael D. Hutt [Google Scholar][Publisher]

Rigor Versus Relevance: Why Would We Choose Only One?
John T. Mentzer [Google Scholar][Publisher]

Knowledge Production And Knowledge Transfer: Closing the Research-Practice Gap
Craig R. Carter [Google Scholar][Publisher]