Business Marketing in the BRICs


Business Marketing in Brazil, Russia, India and China, Special issue of Industrial Marketing Management, Edited by Sergio Biggemann and Kim Fam; Deadline 30 Mar 2009

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Business Marketing in the BRICs

The BRIC countries, Brazil, Russia, India and China, are making their mark in the world economy. Together these countries will become the world’s dominant suppliers of manufactured goods, services and raw materials. As these countries also have lower labour and production costs, many foreign companies are beginning to cite BRIC as a source of expansion opportunity. The purpose of this special issue is to tease out the trend and innovation in Business Marketing in these large emerging economies. More specifically, are these countries marching along with the rest of the world or do they have a unique approach to Business Marketing? Topics that are of interest to this special issue, but are not limited to this list, include:

  • Sustainability in B2B relationships
  • Risks and rewards when dealing with BRIC countries
  • Managing Relationships between buyers and sellers in Brazil, Russia, India or China
  • B2B Marketing processes (customer, product and supply chain) in one or more of BRIC countries
  • Outsourcing/offshoring to BRIC countries
  • Coordination of marketing processes across organizational functions (e.g. Marketing and engineering, Marketing and supply chain, marketing and design, etc)
  • Value creation in B2B process linkages with specific applications to BRIC countries
  • B2B Branding with specific applications to BRIC countries
  • Managing Innovation with customers and/or suppliers in BRIC countries
  • Greening of B2B marketing with specific applications to BRIC countries
  • Integrating value chains and value streams across organization boundaries
  • BRIC cultural values influence in B2B marketing
  • Role of gender in B2B negotiation with specific application to BRIC countries

Prospective authors should consider the unique positioning statement and intended audience of IMM. Manuscripts for this special issue should be submitted no later than March 30 2009. The process for reviewing these manuscripts will be similar to that used for previous IMM special issues, including the use of several guest editors and a specialist review panel.

Manuscripts should be submitted as MS Word files according to the submission guidelines given on the Journal’s web site and addressed to: IMM Special Issue co-editors.

Guest Editors:

Dr Sergio Biggemann, University of Otago:
Associate Professor Kim Fam, University of Otago:

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