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Academy of Marketing Science Review, 11 and 12. These are the final volumes. All articles are freely available

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Academy of Marketing Science Review 

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The Academy of Marketing Science Review announces its final publications, going back to 2007. All AMS REVIEW publications are available free by accessing the web site,  The journal is ceasing publication as the Academy of Marketing Science has withdrawn it sponsorship.  

2008 (volume 12)

Scholarly Research and the Future of “Perceived Body Aesthetics” in the Sport Marketing Literature by George S. Spais and Pantelis D. Konstantinakos, No. 1

Understanding Consumer Privacy: A Review and Future Directions by Clinton D. Lanier, Jr. and Amit Saini, No. 2

A Theory of Affective Self-Affinity: Definitions and Application to a Company and its Business by Jaakko Aspara, Rami Olkkonen, Henrikki Tikkanen, Johanna Moisander, and Petri Parvinen, No. 3

Conceptualization of Market Expansion Strategies in Developing Economies by Vasant V. Bang and Sharad L. Joshi, No. 4

Valuing Customer Portfolios under Risk-Return-Aspects: A Model-Based Approach and its Application in the Financial Services Industry by Hans Ulrich Buhl and Bernd Heinrich, No. 5

An Exploratory Investigation of Identity Negotiation and Tattoo Removal by Jeremy A. Shelton and Cara Peters, No. 6

2007 (Volume 11)

Web-Store Aesthetics in E- Retailing: A Conceptual Framework and Some Theoretical Implications by Noam Tractinsky and Oded Lowengart, No. 1

Satisfiers, Dissatisfiers, Criticals, and Neutrals: A Review of Their Relative Effects on Customer (Dis)Satisfaction by Stephen L. Vargo, Kaori Nagao, Yi He, and Fred W. Morgan, No. 2

Exploring Consumer Resale Behavior in C2C Online Auctions: Taxonomy and Influences on Consumer Decisions by Hsunchi Chu and Shuling Liao, No. 3

A Review of the Application of Event Studies in Marketing by Margaret A. Johnston, No. 4


Special Issue on Cross-Cultural Issues in Marketing Research Guest Editorial by John B. Ford, No. 5

Micro-Culture and Consumers’Adoption of Technology: A Need to Re-Evaluate the Concept of National Culture by Lennora Putit and David C Arnott, No. 6

Measuring Consumers’ Luxury Value Perception: A Cross-Cultural Framework by Klaus-Peter Wiedmann, Nadine Hennigs, and Astrid Siebels, No. 7

Comparability in Cross-Cultural Qualitative Marketing Research: Equivalence in Personal Interviews by Pia Polsa, No. 8

Please Check the Appropriate Box: The Problems with Ethnic Identification and Its Potential in Cross-Cultural Marketing by Delonia Minor-Cooley and Jeff Brice, Jr., No. 9

Brand Equity Aberrations: Heritage Brand Perception Effects in Russian Markets by Gregory J. Kivenzor, No. 10

Antecedents of Long-Term Buyer-Seller Relationships: A Cross Cultural Integration by Satyabhusan Dash, Ed Bruning , and Kalyan Ku Guin, No.11