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This book on quantitative methods, which can be modularized, modified or integrated into other materials or products without monetary compensation, has a new URL

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The URL for the open access textbook Mathematical Marketing has changed.

Mathematical Marketing is a flexible "textbook" for use in quantitative Ph. D. courses in marketing, and also for individual use. Use of this work may vary from use of traditional textbooks in several ways:

  • The work can be used whole or in modules.
  • Modules can be modified, or integrated into other materials, books or electronic products.
  • The license does not require monetary payment for use, or reuse of the work in other products.
  • PDF and Word versions of the work are available online.
  • Users are expected to contribute to the work in a way that benefits the user community.

The work was written by Charles Hofacker who is responsible for this version of it. If you have any questions, you can reach him at Full information and downloads are now available at

Table of Contents

  • Chapter 01 – Linear Algebra [PDF] [Word]
  • Chapter 02 – Descriptive Statistics [PDF] [Word]
  • Chapter 03 – Calculus Tools [PDF] [Word]
  • Chapter 04 – Distributions [PDF] [Word]
  • Chapter 05 – Ordinary Least Squares [PDF] [Word]
  • Chapter 06 – Testing Linear Hypotheses [PDF] [Word]
  • Chapter 07 – The Analysis of Variance [PDF] [Word]
  • Chapter 08 – The Multivariate Linear Model [PDF] [Word]
  • Chapter 09 – Confirmatory Factor Analysis [PDF] [Word]
  • Chapter 10 – Structural Equation Models [PDF] [Word]
  • Chapter 11 – Exploratory Factor Analysis [PDF] [Word]
  • Chapter 12 – Judgment and Choice [PDF] [Word]
  • Chapter 13 – Random Utility Models [PDF] [Word]
  • Chapter 14 – Nonmetric Scaling [PDF] [Word]
  • Chapter 15 – Stochastic Choice [PDF] [Word]
  • Chapter 16 – Microeconomics [PDF] [Word]
  • Chapter 17 – Econometrics [PDF] [Word]
  • Chapter 18 – Time Series [PDF] [Word]