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Advances in E-Business Research Book Series, Call for edited book proposals, Series Editor-in-Chief: In Lee; Deadline 15 May 2008

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Advances in E-Business Research (AEBR) Book Series
Call for Authored/Edited Book Proposals
Publisher: Idea Group Incorporated (IGI) Global

Editor-in-Chief: In Lee, Western Illinois University, USA



The mission of the Advances in E-Business Research (AEBR) Book Series is to provide a premier book series for researchers and practitioners worldwide to share and distribute cutting-edge knowledge and best practices of all facets of electronic business. The AERB Book Series also aims to identify emerging research topics and define the future of e-business research.


Among topics to be included (but not limited) are the following:

  • Applications of new technologies to e-business
  • B2B E-marketplaces
  • Collaborative commerce
  • Developing and managing middleware to support e-business
  • Digital libraries
  • E-business and SMEs
  • E-business framework and development methodologies
  • E-business models and architectures
  • E-business process modeling and simulation studies
  • E-business standardizations
  • E-business strategies
  • E-business systems integration
  • E-business technology investment strategies
  • Economics of e-business
  • E-CRM
  • E-finance
  • E-healthcare
  • E-HRM
  • E-services
  • E-TAM
  • E-value chain
  • Electronic communications
  • Electronic markets and infrastructures
  • Electronic supply chain management and the Internet-based electronic data interchange
  • E-marketing
  • E-procurement methods
  • E-payment market
  • E-services
  • Evaluation methodologies for e-business systems
  • Global e-business
  • Intelligent agent technologies and their impacts
  • Interorganizational information systems (IOS)
  • Mobile commerce
  • Online communities
  • Online consumer behavior
  • Outsourcing and e-business technologies
  • Recommender systems
  • Semantic Web
  • Social network
  • Trends in e-business models and technologies
  • Trust, security, and privacy of e-business transactions and information
  • Valuing e-business assets
  • Virtual organization
  • Web advertising
  • Web-based languages, application development methodologies, and tools
  • Web personalization and mass customization technologies
  • Web services-based e-business systems
  • Web 2.0
  • All other related issues in the e-business area


Prospective authors/editors are invited to submit proposals for possible volumes in the Advances in E-Business Research (AEBR) Book Series. Prospective authors should note that only original and previously unpublished manuscripts will be considered. All proposal submissions will be forwarded to members of the Editorial Review Board of the Advances Series for peer review. Final decision regarding acceptance/revision/rejection will be based on the reviews and assessment of the publisher, IGI Global. All submissions must be forwarded electronically to by ****** May 15, 2008 (progressive deadline) ******


  1. Authored book: Authored books include illustrated chapters delving into discrete and emerging research in niche areas, models, methodologies and concepts. The development duration of an Authored Book takes approximately 11-15 months in total from proposal acceptance to final manuscript. These books include 12-20 chapters on average and total word counts ranging from 105,000 to 135,000 words. Authored books provide a unique opportunity for specific subject analysis and development of your discipline.
  2. Edited book: Edited books include highly-descriptive chapters detailing progressive research in a range of topics and concepts. The development duration of an Edited Book takes approximately 15 months in total from proposal acceptance to final manuscript. These books include 15-25 chapters and word counts ranging from 7,000-10,000 words per chapter. Books of this length allow for a thorough description of specific aspects of your discipline. Each chapter is submitted to a double blind peer-review process through an editorial advisory board created for the development of the publication. Editing a book offers the ability to network with peers and colleagues for the betterment of your specialty and your endeavors.
  3. Handbook of Research: A Handbook of Research is a larger collection of concise and focused information, providing a comprehensive assessment on inclusive topics. We provide two separate formats for the Handbooks of Research, depending on the pool of material available for your subject area. This type of publication, if covering a larger topic with a vast research interest and a broader foci, includes a total of 50+ chapters at about 5,000-7,000 words each. Alternatively, a Handbook of Research also provides a forum for more specific, niche topics that are more underrepresented in mass research circles, where 25+ chapters at 8,000-10,000 words would comprehensively cover all areas of a more narrow and applied theme. The duration of this project would be approximately 20 months.
  4. Encyclopedia: An Encyclopedia is the largest project, consisting of expansive coverage of research and knowledge in your discipline. The number of submissions reaches as many as 250 manuscripts, varying in coverage and length of approximately 1,500-3,500 words. These submissions will also include a list of key terms and definitions. This project warrants an extended time-line of approximately 22+ months.


Your (5-10 page) prospectus should include:

  1. TITLES: 3-5 suggested titles
  2. INTRODUCTION: An introduction to the subject area including indexing keywords
  3. OBJECTIVES: Overall objectives and mission
  4. AUDIENCE: Projected audience
  5. CONTRIBUTION AND SCHOLARLY VALUE: Novel input to the topic field
  6. RELATIONSHIP TO SERIES COVERAGE: How your proposal applies to series content area.
  7. PUBLICATIONS: Existing publications (competitors) and those publications’ advantages and disadvantages
  8. CONTENTS: Tentative table of contents
  9. TIMETABLE: Tentative timetable for the entire project
  10. CONTACT INFORMATION: Mailing address, phone, fax and e-mail of editor(s)
  11. CURRICULUM VITAE: A copy of your CV listing your education and publication records
  12. TOPICS: 10-15 topics under which this publication could be indexed

In Lee, Ph.D.
Editor-in-Chief, Advances in E-Business Research (AEBR) Book Series
Editor-in-Chief, International Journal of E-Business Research (IJEBR)