Two MIT Summer Courses


Individual Choice Behavior, and Modeling and Simulation of Transportation Networks; Cambridge, MA, Summer 2008

The following one-week courses, taught by Professor Moshe Ben-Akiva and visiting lecturers, will be offered this summer at MIT. Your help in forwarding this announcement to interested persons or groups is appreciated.

Individual Choice Behavior:
Theory and Application of Discrete Choice Analysis [14.61s]

June 9-13, 2008 | $3,700 | 3.0 CEUs
An in-depth study of discrete choice models (logit, nested logit, cross-nested logit, probit, logit mixtures, latent class, etc.) and their applications, including analysis of revealed and stated preferences data. Participants will be provided with free discrete choice software and will gain hands-on experience by estimating and testing alternative models using real databases. Additional information about the course and registration can be found at

Modeling and Simulation of Transportation Networks [1.10s]
July 28-August 1, 2008 | $2,700 | 3.0 CEUs
Lectures about and demos of the world’s most sophisticated transportation network models and simulation methods including: theory and applications of origin-destination estimation and prediction; traffic flow models and alternative simulation methods; dynamic traffic assignment methods; models of user behavior; public transportation models; equilibrium methods; calibration and validation; and real time systems. More information can be found at

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A limited number of tuition scholarships are available to doctoral student registrants. Apply by sending an email to Tina Xue (tinaxue@MIT.EDU) with a cover letter and a CV.

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